Thursday, May 3, 2012

2012 Blue Cross Broad Street Run 10 Miler - Countdown to Finisher

UPDATE (5/7 @ 9:30am)
25 hours since since Broad Street Run
In the process of writing my recap...
And, looking forward to the ODDyssey Half Marathon
on Saturday, May 26! :-)
If you "Beat Broad Street", what is your next race?

UPDATE (5/6 @ 5:30pm)
9 hours since Broad Street Run
What a day! Race recap in progress...
In the official results!

Malinda Ann Hill
Wynnewood, PA
Finish: 1:29:02
Pace: 8:54 per mile
Place Overall: 10,864 / 41,638
Place in Gender: 4,189 / 23,360
Overdiv: 415 / 2,476

UPDATE (5/6 @ 11pm)
9 1/2 hours until Blue Cross Broad Street Run!
Uh-oh...I can't stop listening 2 my favorite Afghan Whigs songs & I need 2 get 2 sleep so I can run 2morrow! ;-)  


 sleep, we will be here tomorrow.

UPDATE (5/6 @ 9:30pm)
11 hours until Blue Cross Broad Street Run!
I run with Gastroparesis.
I run my own race!

UPDATE (5/5 @ 6:30pm)
Since Leah can't run with me, she gave me a mantra:
"Each Mile's A Gift, Negative Splits!"

UPDATE (5/5 @ 7:30am)
25 hours until Blue Cross Broad Street Run!
Good luck to all runners who will pick-up bibs today!
Expect to wait at least 1 hour and remember to thank volunteers!

UPDATE (5/4)
May the 4th Be With You! ;-)
Extremely poor set-up at the Expo today. :-(
Hopefully, they will rearrange bib pick-up for Saturday.
After over an hour in line, I finally got my #! :-)

I've got my yellow "Team Sparkle" skirts to show my support for

I've got my Custom Ink "Twins Run in Our Family" T-shirt!

And, I have plenty of nerves! ;-)

I ran my 1st Broad Street Run in 1999.
It was a record field of 7,300!

My official time: 1:46:23
Place: 1,956 / 2.249 (F)

Unfortunately, Leah can't run with me as we planned. :-(
Although, she probably would have left me in her dust. ;-)

We'll run together again... 
September 16, 2012
October 7, 2012

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Skye said...

Good luck tomorrow! I'll be looking out for the yellow sparkle skirt :)

TWINS RUN in our family said...

Thanks Skye! See you tomorrow! :-)