Friday, April 17, 2015

One Flat Twin Cheers and One Fast Twin Runs the 2015 Boston Marathon

Flat @MalindaAnnHill is ready for Boston

On Monday, @LeahCville will run her 3rd Boston Marathon.

@MalindaAnnHill watched Meb race to Victory!

Sadly, @MalindaAnnHill won't be there to cheer in person again this year.

Scream Tunnel Sign for @TwinsRunInOurFamily

Thanks to the Scream Tunnel at Wellesley's Munger Hall, there will be a sign for Leah and all twins! :-)

@TwinsRunInOurFamily Logo in Boston Colors

Do twins run in your family? ICYMI - we've been fortunate to meet some of our favorite runners and one day we will run the Boston Marathon together!

 Bart Yasso & Dick Beardsley

Towering over Desi Linden ;-)

Joan Benoit Samuelson - Run Your Own Race

We're inspired by stories of twins that run together!

Seeing Double at the Boston Marathon

Identical Twins with Autism Find Joy in Running

Autistic twins bring inspiration to Boston Marathon

My Twins with Autism Run to Make a Difference

Are you running or cheering Boston?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

One Boston Day - Together We Are Better

2014 Boston Photo taken by @MalindaAnnHill

"Today, the Boston Athletic Association and Boston Marathon Principal Sponsor John Hancock join the City of Boston in celebrating a new annual tradition: One Boston Day. One Boston Day is a city-wide celebration that recognizes the unity and strength of our city.

One Boston Day is a time when we as a community can honor and remember all of those affected by the tragic events of April 15, 2013. One Boston Day is also a day to come together and celebrate

Boston's spirit, and the strength, resiliency, and compassion that epitomizes our city.

Mayor Marty Walsh established One Boston Day with the desire expressed by many survivors to pass on the kindness, generosity, and support they received following the 2013 Boston Marathon. The City of Boston will hold a moment of silence at 2:49 p.m. to mark the two-year anniversary, with church bells ringing throughout the city shortly after to pay tribute and celebrate the lives of those effected in April, 2013.

On One Boston Day, individuals, businesses, and organizations across the City will display their humanity and unity by encouraging random acts of kindness and spreading goodwill. One Boston Day is a chance for everyone to get involved, embodying the spirit of the Boston community.

Whether it's giving up your seat on the T or saying 'thank you' to the City's police and fire personnel, we encourage everyone to take part in One Boston Day."

One Boston Day
Statement from Colonel Timothy P. Alben:
"The Massachusetts State Police remember the loss of three innocent victims two years ago today, the hundreds of others who suffered pain and trauma that day, and the loss of the fourth victim four days after that. Martin. Lingzhi. Krystle. Sean. And all the survivors whose lives were changed that day. On this One Boston Day and every other day, they inspire our work to seek justice for those who have been harmed, and to provide safety in our communities."
--Colonel Timothy P. Alben
Massachusetts State Police

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Charlottesville Ten Miler Race Recap

My very first long distance race was the 2007 Charlottesville Ten Miler. I was thrilled when I finished, having raced more miles than I ever had run at one time before, all under 9 minute mile pace (8:41 to be exact, finishing in 1:25:29).

Eight years later I have a very special relationship with this race, having helped four directors with behind-the-scenes technical and graphic design work, including creating the artwork for the 2009/10, 2011, and 2015 shirts and medals.

On Friday night before the race, I helped hand out cowbells I designed to volunteers who’d be lining the course cheering and protecting runners from traffic. Their enthusiasm and willingness to help was inspiring. Every time I heard a cowbell along the course on Saturday, I felt thankful and proud.

I have run this race six times and don’t think I have ever run a negative split. When I saw the 5 mile clock display 37:xx, I quickly did that the math and thought, “oh sh-t, I’m not going to run this race in 1:14, what the hell have I done?!?” I tried not to panic and realized that even if I slowed down 3 minutes in the second half I’d still beat my goal of finishing under 1:19.

Having spent almost my entire winter training cycle on the treadmill, with only four races since January 1st, I wasn’t confident I could tackle the hills of Charlottesville. I remember feeling all sorts of negativity during the final 2 miles of the race last year and was hoping I wouldn’t feel that way again. Luckily some of my favorite power songs like Paul Simon’s “Obvious Child” helped get me up those last few long, gradual inclines.

I never looked at my watch during the entire race, so when I came down the final stretch and saw the clock say 1:16, I was shocked. It was my 3rd fastest ten mile race ever. My PR is 1:12:36 at the 2012 Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run (a completely FLAT course) and my 2nd best time was 1:16:36 in 2011. It was 4 years later and I was able to run 1:16:42 on a much more challenging course despite making the classic racing mistake of going out too fast.

Reading many of the comments on the race evaluation forms warmed my heart and a few nagged at me. I know you can’t make everyone happy, but to read that someone thought the medal was too big or the design was boring stung quite a bit.

A few random thoughts:

* I designed the new Charlottesville Track Club mile marker flags that made their debut at the race. I smiled every time I saw one, even if the wind did turn a couple around the wrong way. :-)

* So many people yelled out my name. I’m so glad I don’t wear headphones (I have my iphone speaker on instead). I didn’t even recognize everyone who knew me. It’s so amazing to have so much support in this town!

* I got a ton of compliments on my Rock City black and silvery fairy skirt. I love dressing up for races with stand-out red lipstick and some sparkle!

* I feel a bit guilty for not saying thank you to all the volunteers (I was saving my energy), but I did try to wave.

My fave comments from volunteers and participants:

"My favorite part of volunteering was learning that the wonderful CPD officer assigned to "my" intersection for actual traffic directing duties had volunteered to be there. She was super. A close second was how many runners smiled back or said thank you on their way by as I cheered and rang my cowbell to the point of a hole in my glove and a bloody knuckle (true story!)."

"You guys have, hands down, the BEST and FRIENDLIEST volunteers. The medal is awesome - I will cherish it forever!"

"I run this with friends each year. This year about half declined to drive down, citing last years shirt and the sometimes iffy quality of the medal. I was pleased that I could text them pictures and note the return of quality swag. I'll gladly wear this shirt running. Thanks."

"Beyond satisfied! Perfect event, as always!!! My favorite race of the year. And any runner that complains in this survey should come run a race in philly -- that will teach them. This race is incomparable. So well organized and well executed. Having access to JPJ arena makes the race so calm and clean and easy and lovely. Thank you!"
"Cheering was great - there were a lot more bells this year. I liked how the stickers matched the medals, matched the shirts."

"Loved the logo design on the shirt and medal! The medal was also much better than any of the past 4. It was substantial and very well designed."
"The medal and shirt were AMAZING. I absolutely love them both. I will have that medal with the others on my wall forever because it's the memories that matter. Great job on the design! I love all the street names on it! Brilliant!"

"The medal is a great memento with the whole course listed on it."

"I loved the giant mile markers this year."

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

50+ Rock 'n' Roll DC Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K Race Recaps

Malinda, the slower 1/2 of @TwinsRun, finished the rainy Rock 'n' Roll DC Marathon in 3:54:58, It was her 16th marathon, 6th attempt to BQ and 1st marathon in the rain. If only we were born in April instead of May, 3:54 would've been a BQ for 2016. However, since we were born in May, Malinda will try 2 more times to finish in 3:45 or less - the Charlottesville Marathon on April 4 and the Rivanna Greenbelt Marathon in September (date to be determined).

Malinda didn't reach her BQ goal but you can help us reach her Team Lemon fundraising goal of $345. No donation is too small to fight childhood cancer with Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation. Text "E1121983" to "85944" to donate $10 by text. Or, donate $3,$4, $5 or more online: and thanks for your support!

Did you run any of the Rock 'n' Roll DC races on Pi Day? Let us know and we'll add your recap to our list!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Remembering Michael on St. Patrick's Day

Michael Connor
November 23, 1973 ~ March 17, 2003

Today we remember Michael, Leah's brother-in-law, who died 12 years ago. Michael was diagnosed with leukemia as a child and relapsed as an adult. Our thoughts are with his family, friends and all who had the privilege of knowing him. 

Three years ago today we joined Team Lemon to raise money for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation in memory of Michael. Since 2012, we have raised over $2,000 and we hope to raise more money this year to fund research and support families affected by childhood cancer.

No donation is to fight childhood cancer with Alex's Lemonade. 

Text "E1121983" to "85944" to donate $10

Or, donate $5 or more online:

Thanks for your support.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Rock N Roll DC Marathon Goals

I used to describe myself as the "go with the flow" slow(er) half of @TwinsRun. My easy-going attitude changed when I decided that I wanted to catch-up to the faster half so that we could run the Boston Marathon together.

Leah ran her 1st Boston Marathon in 2013 and she will run her 3rd on April 20.

I've tried (and failed) to qualify for the Boston Marathon (BQ) 5 times since 2012. I've learned some important lessons with each attempt so I was very disappointed when I didn't qualify in Philly. Even though I failed multiple times, I won't give up until I age up and get an extra 10 minutes in 2017. ;-)

To qualify for the 2016 Boston Marathon I need to finish in 3:45. For the best chance at being accepted, I need to finish in 3:43:58 or less.

So, my goals for the Rock 'n' Roll DC Marathon this Saturday are:

A = 3:42:58 (BQ sub 2:02)
B = 3:45:00 (BQ)
C = 3:47:41 (PR)

*I'm determined to finish, if at all possible. The temperature and rain are variables that could definitely affect my ability to meet my A, B or C goals. If necessary, I'll consider the 1st 20 miles a long training run and then walk the final 6.2 miles to save legs for the Charlottesville Marathon on 4/4.

To put my current goals into perspective, I thought I should take a look back at my last 15 marathons:

3:47:42 Philadelphia Marathon (2014)
4:23:56 Rivanna Greenbelt Marathon (2014)
3:56:14 Charlottesville Marathon (2014)
4:04:40 Philadelphia Marathon (2013)
4:04:21 Bank of America Chicago Marathon (2013)
4:34:01 Walt Disney World Marathon (2013)

4:00:57 Philadelphia Marathon (2012)
4:05:58 Chicago Marathon (2012)

4:40:59 Philadelphia Marathon (2011)
5:12:17 Walt Disney World Marathon (2010)
4:39:52 Charlottesville Marathon (2009)
4:21:38 Walt Disney World Marathon (2009)

4:16:37 Philadelphia Marathon (2008)
5:??:?? The SF Marathon (1998)
4:12:58 Marine Corps Marathon  (1995)

Monday, March 9, 2015

Running a Marathon in the Rain - Tips for a Rainy Race Day

#RnRDC Marathon Forecast*
66** % Chance of Rain
*Update as of Wednesday, March 11

I've been checking the weather forecast for the Rock 'n' Roll DC Marathon for the past few weeks thanks (or no thanks) to Now it's very likely that it's going to rain. In theory and in training, I'm not opposed to running in the rain. I have also raced in some freezing rain and drizzle. However, I never ran a marathon in rain. So, needless to say, I'm beginning to panic. When I'm not in panic mode, I've been scouring the internet for rainy day race tips.

Do you have any tips for racing in the rain?

Here are some rainy day race tips I plan to use:

* Wear different pair of shoes before race.

* Wear GORE-TEX running shoes during race.

* Dress in tight, water-resistant, moisture wicking layers.

* Wear gloves and brimmed hat during the race.

* Use anti-friction cream to prevent chafing that can occur when running in wet clothing.

* Seal iPhone inside a Ziploc bag inside water-resistant hip carrier.

* Cut hole in bottom of garbage bag to wear prior to race and remove just before start.

* Stay indoors or under covered space for as long as possible before race.

* Stay with group if it's windy and avoid puddles whenever possible.

* Change into dry clothes, socks and shoes as soon as possible after race.

* Dry out shoes by stuffing with newspaper.

For more rainy day race tips, visit these blogs & websites:

Rain Racing (@RunnersWorld)

Running a Marathon in Bad Weather (@Runners_Connect)

Top 10 Tips for Running in the Rain (@50by25)

Racing in the Rain: 7 Tips from Runners (@rUnladylike) 

Lessons from Running a Marathon in the Rain - Successes and Failures (@RunToMunch) 

21 Tips for Running a Marathon Under the Rain (@thebullrunner)

How to Run Your Best Race in the Rain (@SaltyRuns)

Rain on Marathon Day - Tips and Tricks (@RunAndJumpBlog)

Running in the Rain (@MarathonsAndMacarons)

Marathon Training in All Weather (@WorldRunningCom)

Running in the Rain (@WomensHealthMag)
8 Tips for Running in the Rain (@lafenske)

10 tips for running a marathon in the rain, cold and wind 

Rainy Marathon Checklist - The Night Before

What to Wear - Running in the Rain

Marathoning in the Rain

Running in the Rain
Rain Tips
What if the weather is really bad on marathon day?

** Normally, I love to see the number 66 since it's one of my favorite songs by The Afghan Whigs. So, while I mentally prepare myself for a rainy attempt to BQ, I will console myself by watching as many versions of this song as possible.


Friday, February 13, 2015

Boston Marathon Ballad by Bella Morte

One more time
Sally forth to the city
Tally ho!
Don't fall behind Malinda Ann
Keep up if you can

Take a right on Hereford, my dear
Take a left on Boylston, ya hear?
Fast as a deer, swift as an eagle
To claim your thrown atop Heartbreak Hill

Trial by fire, try again
You shall be victorious
When your feet hit the street
Your speed will be glorious

Oh, and the prophets did speak
Of a glorious feat
Setting the streets aflame
Oh, the poets did write
Of a legendary night
When Boston remembers your name!

Music & Lyrics by Bella Morte
Inspiration by @LeahCville (Boston Marathoner x 2)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

#MEGSMILES on Saturday, January 17


#MEGSMILES Information via:

Meg Cross Menzies was tragically killed by a drunk driver while out for her morning run on January 13, 2014. As an avid runner, member of the Richmond Road Runners Club, and Boston marathoner, she was a member of the running family nationwide. In her honor, our hope is to raise awareness of drunk driving, texting and driving, and overall safety of runners and cyclists everywhere.

This Saturday, January 17, 2015, no matter what your distance, no matter where you live, run for Meg. Take in the fresh air, be aware of your surroundings, keep your headphones on low, feel the heaviness in your lungs, the soreness in your legs, and be grateful for it--for all of it. The sweat, the pain, the wind, the cold…everything. Be grateful for that moment. Grab a friend, or two, or 100 and take them with you! Wear BLUE! Blue was Meg's favorite color!

Feel free to post pictures of yourself pre-run or post-run, post your distance, post your thoughts, prayers, condolences with the hashtag #megsmiles. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. Let all runners unite together and remember the loss of a beautiful spirit. It's not a coincidence the hashtag reads either "Meg's Miles" or "Meg Smiles." She will be smiling on all of us forevermore.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Rivanna Greenbelt Marathon

Coach Mark points to the best marathon in Cville!

We will offer this race in mid-September as a BQ for both 2016 and 2017!
If Boston registration opens September 7, the race will be Saturday, September 12.
If Boston registration opens September 14, the race will be Sunday, September 20.
Sign up to be emailed about future dates for Rivanna Greenbelt Marathon.

The Rivanna Greenbelt Marathon is officially certified by the USATF (VA14004TR) and therefore can be used as a Boston Qualifier. The course is 6.5 "loops" of the 4-mile trail beginning at Riverview Park and following along the river on the Rivanna Greenbelt Trail.
Google Map Directions to Riverview Park
(end of Chesapeake St and Riverside Ave)
Photos of the Course | Trail Information | Visit Charlottesville
Feedback from Participants | Feedback from Volunteers
Purchase your own shirt with the race logo on
Rivanna Greenbelt Marathon Logo on LIGHT items or DARK items.


OCTOBER 4Race Results & 2-Mile Splits Finish Line Video by Attila Szabo | Entire race video on YouTube Photos by Attila Szabo 
Race Results & 2-Mile SplitsFinish Line Video by Attila Szabo | Entire race video on YouTube
Photos by Natalie Krovetz | Suzanna Turanyi

This event is directed by an Road Runners Club of America Certified Race Director.
This race is conducted under the rules of USATF and the Road Runners Club of America.