Wednesday, September 12, 2018

SO HIP IT HURTS - Large Labral Tear in Left Hip

When my hip hurts I make a "pun-ny pain" playlist - at least I still have a sense of humor. ;-)  Although, to be honest, I'd rather be adding songs to my Philly Marathon training playlist. UGH! :-(

I've had intermittent pain in my hip for a while but I was able to keep running. When the pain became more frequent, I went to see a sports medicine doctor a couple weeks before the Boston Marathon. I had an MRI which found a bunch of problems including a large labral tear in my left hip. I tried physical therapy and one cortisone injection, which seemed to help for a while.

Unfortunately, the pain has returned with a vengeance. Over the past few weeks the pain has been so intense that I'm now considering arthroscopic surgery to repair the tear. I scheduled the surgery, but I'm still debating on whether or not I'll keep the appointment. Even though I'm currently unable to run (or walk or sit) without serious pain, the reality that I'd be completely unable to run for 3-6+ months if I had surgery is overwhelming. I'm grateful that a friend, who had a successful result from the surgery, has been brutally honest about the recovery progress. Yikes.

I've also been searching online and found many helpful articles and posts that I've listed below. One of the benefits of the intranet is easy access to LOTS of information. ;-)

Are you a runner with a labral tear in your hip(s)? If so, please share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments. Thanks for your help!

And, very special thanks to Mark Remy (Dumb Runner) for making me laugh. ;-)

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