Monday, July 16, 2018

2018 Boston Marathon - Soaking It All In

Three months ago today I started and finished the 2018 Boston Marathon.

As usual, it's been difficult for me to find the words to describe my experience. There were so many meaningful moments on Marathon Monday as well as on the days before and after the marathon.

I'm publishing this post today in hopes that I will finally put my thoughts and feelings into words and add to this post over the next few weeks - or probably months to be honest. ;-)

In the meantime, I'll share some of my serendipitous moments I posted on Twitter.

3 months ago

I need to start writing about the serendipitous moments I’ve already experienced in Boston before I forget... #BostonMarathon #TogetherForward

While boarding trolley to Expo, I received 2 compliments on my @TwinsRun shirt which led to a nice conversation with a woman from Scotland

While waiting for @WomensRunning seminar, the 2 women sitting next to me complimented me on my @TwinsRun shirt because they both have twin daughters which led to another interesting conversation

It was fun to run into Twitter friends: @run_DADDY_run at the Expo & @MarathonMin on the trolley. May the miles ahead be good to you! 💙💛

I got lost in the Expo but found @ScottJurek.

I got lost in the Expo (again) and ran into Dave McGillivray @DMSE

I finally met Neely Spence Gracey! 🤗 And, I told Deena Kastor I loved her audiobook “Let Your Mind Run” even though I cried listening to the part about 9/11 & the NYC Marathon. 😢

Grateful for the opportunity to share my story with @cogwbur:
Your Stories: The Boston Marathon Is More Than A Race

Random stranger asks: “Are to running tomorrow?” then gives a huge thumbs up 👍 

Someone asked for advice since this is her 1st #BostonMarathon and I said “Soak it all in” (while you’re soaked 🤣)

Talked with a #motherrunner who qualified on her 1st attempt! 👍 She’s also here solo & we both won @KTape raffle prize after @runmeb’s talk at #RWBoston Pop-Up Shop. 🙌

It’s always a joy to listen to Meb. He is so kind & has a wonderful sense of humor. 💙💛 #ThankYouMeb #TeamMR8

Thanks to the anonymous donor for your generous donation to @AlexsLemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer! 🍋

Tomorrow should be interesting 🙏🦄

Thanks to @erinkellysays for sharing. Fighting childhood cancer one mile at a time with @AlexsLemonade! 🍋

6 Boston Marathon Charity Runners Who Could Use Your Help

Oops. I meant to add these tweets to my #Boston2018 serendipitous moments thread.

Thanks, mom
#BostonMarathon #Boston2018

What are the odds?!? Just ran into @jennbell45!

Then, moments later @jfpschorr & I passed each other on the escalators. 

Oops. 2 left feet.


Had a great time at the @Runstreet & @ClifBar #BostonShakeoutArtRun.
Will share more photos after I finish the #BostonMarathon

Grateful to hear Amby Burfoot share his story at the @runnersworld Pop-Up Shop today 

Curious to see how my body will handle this weather challenge. 
We’re all in this together! 🌧

Grateful for spectators & volunteers! 
Can’t wait to hand out these @TwinsRun thank you cards! 

And I gave myself a concussion getting on the bus 🚌
Ziploc bag selfie on bus 🚌 to Hopkinton 

And, I have a #BostonMarathon bus buddy! 🚌

I know I’ll regret complaining about this later but I’m so hot on this bus 🚌🔥

“you have a visitor” - a stranger said moments before this squirrel jumped on my leg 😱

Thank you to the kind gentleman who offered to take my photo 

The day after

Right on Hereford
Left on Boylston

Where @LeahCville would’ve been cheering me if she could have
 💙💛 #TwinsRunBoston

Thanks @tracksmith & @CoffeeByLT! 💙💛 

Scrolled through dozens of unidentified photos & finally found my CITGO sign 🙌 #BostonMarathon #TwinsRunBoston

Dedicated my 26.2 miles to Gabe & Alex who inspire me to make my miles matter. Thanks to all for your ongoing support & generous donations. Fighting childhood cancer - one mile at a time! 

There were many moments when I wondered if I was ever going to reach this finish line and I am so grateful for every step it took to get there 

Overwhelmed with emotions on Boylston Street as I literally & figuratively soaked in every moment. Tears of joy, tears of pain, tears of sorrow. Thanks for all your support! 

Scream Tunnel Signs and leah connor

Grateful for #TheAfghanWhigs music that helped me succeed at my 12th BQ attempt at the #PhillyMarathon & finish the #BostonMarathon a week ago. Fighting childhood cancer - one mile at a time! 

Thanks to Victoria, Erica, Natalie, Walter, Leah, Anne, Domani & Tai Fung for your generous donations to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer! 
Thanks to Susan Sidoriak from @theSidePorch for sharing these photos of @MalindaAnnHill from the 2016 @Philly_Marathon - moments after she succeeded at her 12th attempt to qualify for the Boston Marathon. 

And, look what just arrived by snail mail!  
Congrats @des_linden 

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