Tuesday, February 27, 2018

2018 Boston Marathon - Running with a Good Time for a Good Cause

Malinda is grateful for the opportunity to run the 2018 Boston Marathon as a time qualifier (3:46:13) and charity runner with Team Lemon to benefit Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer in memory of GG and Michael.

If you can, please consider donating $5:

No donation is too small to help in the fight against childhood cancer.

Thanks for your generosity and support!

Leah and Malinda are identical twins and marathon moms who deemed themselves "Twins Run In Our Family" so they could share their experiences running together while supporting causes they care about.

Since 2012, Leah and Malinda have raised $3,901 to support Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation in memory of Leah's brother-in-law, Michael and their grandmother, affectionately known as GG.

Leah, the faster 1/2 of @TwinsRun, qualified (BQ'd) and finished the Boston Marathon 4 times (2013, 2014, 2015 & 2017).

Malinda, the slower 1/2 of @TwinsRun, finally qualified (BQ'd) on her 12th attempt.

If at 1st you don't succeed, try 11 more times! ;-)

1st attempt: 2013 Chicago Marathon (4:04:21)

2nd attempt: 2013 Philadelphia Marathon (4:04:40)

3rd attempt: 2014 Charlottesville Marathon (3:56:14)

4th attempt: 2014 Rivanna Greenbelt Marathon (4:23:56)

5th attempt: 2014 Philadelphia Marathon (3:47:42)

6th attempt: 2015 Rock 'n' Roll DC Marathon (3:54:58)

7th attempt: 2015 Charlottesville Marathon (4:19:12)

8th attempt: 2015 Rivanna Greenbelt Marathon (4:23:02)

9th attempt: 2015 Philadelphia Marathon (4:01:22)

10th attempt: 2016 Rock 'n' Roll DC Marathon (4:00:23)

11th attempt: 2016 Rivanna Greenbelt Marathon (4:00:49)

12th attempt --> 2018 BQ: 2016 Philadelphia Marathon (3:46:13)

Malinda was grateful to run her 1st Boston Marathon in 2017 as a charity runner with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and finish together with Leah.

Since Malinda finally achieved her BQ goal, she is grateful for the opportunity to run the 2018 Boston Marathon to benefit Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.

Thanks for your generosity and support!

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