Monday, May 14, 2012

"40 & Fast" Running in Charlottesville: Masters Mile & The Jennifer Leigh Wells Moonlight Walk/Run for Meningitis Research Race Recaps

"The Track" by Leah Connor

My strengths as a runner shine in long-distance road races.

Heading to the track means leaving my comfort zone.

Anxiety usually keeps me from showing up at the weekly track workouts with the local "speedsters" group.

However, I know the only way to continue to improve in my sport involves adding speed work, which, until recently, I have avoided out of fear and intimidation.

So, it may seem strange that I would voluntarily sign up for the "Masters Mile" in a collegiate track meet.

But, then again, it is a race and as I've discussed before I'm a race addict. Another reason I couldn't say no - it was FREE to enter! ;-)

Even though I knew I'd be the slowest in the field, I decided I had to take a risk, put on my sparkle skirt and GO FOR IT!

The “Masters Mile” was held Saturday at 6:45 p.m. during the University of Virginia’s “Virginia Challenge” track meet.

I was one of 9 competitors ranging in age from 40-59 who ran 4 laps on the newly renovated Lannigan Track.

I’m inspired by the other women runners, all moms, in their mid-late 40s who run fast enough to beat competitors half their age.

In fact, at many local events, the female 40-49 age groups have faster times than those for 20-24!

Finding a balance between being a mom, training, and working full-time, can be challenging, but it is so rewarding.

Video by Annalivia (age 7)

I was honored to be a part of this unique opportunity.

And, even though I finished in last place, I felt like a winner.

So, now both twins have finished last! Malinda was the first twin to finish last at the  Run For Babies 5K! ;-)

Ready to run in a rainbow of Team Sparkle skirts!

After running at the UVA track, I immediately went to the next race, a two-mile remembrance walk/run for Jennifer Leigh Wells,  who died in 2006 from meningococcal meningitis.

The Jennifer Leigh Wells Moonlight Walk/Run for Meningitis Research raises money for the Children’s Hospital and Research Institute at Oakland (CHORI) – a non-profit organization, for B-strain meningitis vaccination research (the only bacterial strain that is not currently covered by the existing meningitis vaccination available).

Cindy Payne, Jennifer’s mother, has found a way to honor her daughter’s memory by increasing awareness and raising funds for research.

As the mom of a daughter, the race has a special meaning to me. Our lives can change so quickly and this evening reminds me to appreciate each day I have with my kids.

It also felt pretty amazing to go from finishing last in one race to winning another just 1.5 hours later! :)

was very special because I shared it with two of my friends.

I was thrilled to see them "sparkle" and run amazing award-winning times!
 Suzanna, sparkling in pink, came in 2nd overall.
Diddy, shimmering in gold, won her age group! 

Charlottesville has an amazing running community!
Charlottesville Running Resources

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