Saturday, August 31, 2013

Charlottesville Women's Four Miler

Including @TwinsRun and
our Masters Moms Team!

2  sets of identical twins ran 4 Miler.
Malinda caught faster 1/2's in action!
Leah Connor
7th in Division
43rd Overall

Kristin Keller
3rd in Division
21st Overall

Slower 1/2 of @TwinsRun
Malinda Hill 
32:45 (PR)
20th in Division
204th Overall

More about the Charlottesville Women's Four Miler 

Founded in 1983, Virginia's largest all-women's event is a Charlottesville tradition due to its hospitality to runners and walkers of all ages and abilities. The race is along a scenic stretch of Albemarle countryside and is considered by many women to be their favorite event of the year.

Our mission is to raise money for the UVA Cancer Center Breast Care Program and ultimately to reduce the number of people affected by breast cancer. For the 19th straight year, proceeds will benefit the UVA Cancer Center Breast Care Program. The proceeds stay locally and support cutting edge breast cancer research, patient education, support services, and community outreach. With your help, we're looking forward to making our largest donation ever to the UVA Cancer Center Breast Care Program. Last year we raised $335,000 and this year our goal is to raise $400,000! Please ask your "fans" (friends, neighbors, business associates, and relatives) to support your efforts by sponsoring you in this special event.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Million Mile Run 2013

The Million Mile Run Starts September 1
Join our team "Mother Runners & Others" 
Start a new team or join without a team.

Why a million miles?

A few reasons…
  • Because a billion miles would just be crazy...or would it?
  • Alex said she was going to raise a million dollars with a lemonade stand which we thought was ambitious, although not realistic. If she could do it, we can.
  • Because a parent that has a child with cancer would go a million miles to find a cure, so we are willing to go a million miles too.

There’s no way I can run a hundred miles in a month, can I still participate?

If you mean you can’t “run” 100 miles, of course, running and walking is fine. We just want to log 1 million miles collectively.
If you mean you can’t run 100 miles yourself, start a team! As a team you can combine our miles to reach 100.

Where is the Million Mile Run/Walk taking place?  

One of the great things about this event is that it takes place anywhere and anytime you and your teammates want to walk or run.  Participants will log there mileage online or automatically using a mobile application on their telephone.

Tell me more about organizing a team. Are there categories of teams?

We will have two divisions of teams:
  1. Marathon Division- consisting of 4 members, each member runs the equivalent of a marathon (26.2 miles) over the course of the month. Technically, you’ll run a few miles over 100.
  2. Open Division- Each team can have an unlimited number of members. Collectively, these teams should strive to complete at least 100 miles.

How will we keep track of our miles?

Participants will be able to manually enter their miles on a webpage or use a mobile application, MapMyRun, to keep track of their mileage which will automatically feed to the ALSF website. Additional details about tracking mileage will be explained further as we get closer to September.

Is a million miles really an attainable goal?

Yes! We truly believe that with the help of our supporters that we can reach this goal.

I want to get my company, school, running club, sorority, town, etc. to form a team.  Is this allowed?

Yes of course this encouraged.  In fact all of these types of groups and more have created Million Mile Run teams.

I am more of a cyclist, can I ride my bike to participate?

This event is for runners and walkers, but stay tuned for a Million Mile Ride in the future.

How does running a million miles help kids with cancer?

If participants get pledges of $10 per mile, we will raise $10 million! Considering $50 funds one hour of childhood cancer research, this will have a significant impact on children with cancer. See more at How Your Donation Helps.

This sounds difficult. Will it be hard?

We realize it’s a lofty goal and that for some people this may be quite a challenge, however it’s not nearly as difficult as what a child with cancer has to go through – that’s what keeps us motivated on our quest to find a cure.

Can Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation help me with public relations for my Million Mile Run Team?

Yes we have internal public relations people that can help you.  Just let us know you want help.

Is this going to be fun?

Yes! We think it will be a lot of fun. You will be part of a team of 10,000 members trying to change the lives of kids with cancer, what could be better?
Participants can choose to log miles manually or by using MapMyRun. Each participant must choose one method or the other - our systems do not allow for a combination of the two.
Please note: whether you plan to track your miles manually or by using MapMyRun, you must have an account. How do you know if you have an account?
  • If you signed up as an individual (not on a team), you were given the option to create an account during registration – you would have been asked to create a username and password. If you did not create an account when you registered, click here to create one (use the same email you used when you registered for the Million Mile Run).
  • Have you registered for other ALSF events or held an ALSF fundraiser in the past? If so, you likely already have an account. Forgot your password? Request a new password.
  • If someone else registered you for the Million Mile Fun (e.g. – a Team Captain), check with them to see if they included your email address when they signed you up. If they did, click here to create an account. If they did not enter your email, you cannot create an account and your Team Captain will be responsible for entering your mileage.
Contact Jenna Jackson at or (610) 649-3034
with any questions about accounts or tracking mileage.

Tracking miles manually via

  • If you are an individual (not on a team) with an account:
    Log into your account , visit your Million Mile Run page and update your miles by clicking on the "Manage Miles" button.
  • If you are an individual on a team and do not have an account: If your team captain signed you up with your email address, you can create an accounthere. Once this account is created, click on the “Manage Miles” button on your team’s webpage to manually enter your miles.

    If your team captain did not provide an email address for you, they are responsible for submitting your mileage (you cannot do so manually or by using MapMyRun).
  • For Team Captains: Team captains may enter their team members' miles by logging into their page and clicking "Manage Miles." Team Captains do not need to enter miles for team members utilizing MapMyRun, these miles will be automatically imported.

Tracking miles via MapMyRun

These instructions apply to both individuals and individuals on teams. You can use MapMyRun to track your walking workouts as well, it is not exclusive to runners.
  • Create an account at MapMyRun. If you already have a MapMyRun account – proceed to the next step.
  • Log into your account on, go to your Million Mile Run page and follow the instructions to connect your MapMyRun account.
  • Once your Million Mile Run account is connected to MapMyRun, you must log all of your miles for the Million Mile Run via MapMyRun. Please note: Any miles entered manually for your individual mileage on prior to connecting to MapMyRun will be overridden.
Tips/notes on using MapMyRun to log your miles:
  • MapMyRun offers real-time mileage tracking using GPS, but you may also log other workouts (such as treadmill runs or walks).
  • If you don’t have a smart phone, you can still use MapMyRun by mapping your routes and entering your mileage on MapMyRun’s website.
  • New miles accrued each day will take up to 24 hours to be posted to your Million Mile Run page.
  • You can connect your MapMyRun account to your Million Mile Run page prior to September 1, however mileage will not start appearing on your Million Mile Run page until September 1.
Every mile gets us closer to our goal!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Running Start Program by Run the Edge

Have you seen the new Level Up Training System by Run the Edge? Level Up was created by Run the Edge co-authors Adam Goucher and Tim Catalano who enlisted the help and expertise of Kara Goucher to help create and design the workouts for the Half and Full Marathon Plans.

My twin @LeahCville and I (@MalindaAnnHill) are big fans of Tim Catalano, Adam Goucher and Adam's wife, Kara Goucher! :-)
Malinda & Kara (2011)

When I saw the tweet looking for running bloggers to review the Running Start Program, I immediately contacted Run the Edge.

I received a quick response that made me smile since they wrote: "We checked out your blog and it looks great! Twins run in our family is a clever tag line. Go team Lemon!" I also received a link to a free copy of the Running Start Program.

This program is designed for beginning runners but Level Up features a range of plans including those designed to help runners (like me!) who want to qualify for the Boston Marathon (Ultimate 26.2).

After reviewing the Running Start Program, I think Tim and Adam met their goals for the Level Up Running Start Program since the plan:
* Offers unique training experience that is fun and interactive
* Can be used at any time of the year no matter if you are training for a specific race or not
* Contains current, cutting edge, logical progression of runs and workouts used by elite athletes
*  Includes consistent motivation and encouragement through the points system and finisher medals at the end of each level
* Gives runners maximum flexibility so they can do the workouts on their schedules and progress though the levels at their own pace
* Helps runners stay healthy by creating a feedback loop (Virtual Coach) in the plans that will ask runners to reflect on both their physical and mental preparation so they can make wise decisions about how to proceed

This training plan was very appealing to me since I'm the slower 1/2 of @TwinsRun who prefers to #RunAndTweet rather than obsess about pacing and racing. I have many friends who are interested in starting to run but are intimidated by complex training plans. I'd highly recommend this program for new runners who don't know where to begin. This is an easy-to-follow program with lots for the beginning runner.

While I run for stress relief and fun, I still hope to shave off 16 minutes (or more) off my PR (4:00:57) to BQ at the 2013 Chicago Marathon. So, I'm interested in checking out the Level-Up Marathon Plan. My eyes tend to cross whenever I look at most training plans with too many numbers. ;-)

Leah, the BQ x 2 faster 1/2 of @TwinsRun, may disagree with this problem identified by Run the Edge but I fully agree! ;-)  "Traditional training plans are boring. Spreadsheets are for accountants NOT RUNNERS."  I'd recommend Level Up for beginning runners who prefer more fun in their run. Below is information from the Run the Edge website.

Included in the Running Start Program ($4.95)


The most comprehensive, motivating, and entertaining training program on the internet guaranteed to get you up and running! These first six levels are designed to take you from running zero to 5K hero!
Getting Started Guide:
Everything you need to know to get a successful start to your running.
Levels 1-6:
This training plan is designed to have you running 30 minutes without stopping and to the finish-line of your first 5K. It is the base you will need before you begin any of the other training plans.
Virtual Coach:
If we can’t coach you personally, this is the next best thing! Visit the “Aid Station” at the end of each level. Here we will help make the decision to stay at your current level or if it is time to safely “Level-UP!
Welcome Email:
A letter from us (Adam and Tim) welcoming you to our “Level-UP” training system and motivating you to get started. You can’t read this letter and NOT want to run!
Subscription to GET RUNNING newsletter:
Our monthly newsletter will keep you motivated, educated, entertained, and inspired!

All of our plans are downloadable and yours to keep. No need for monthly charges or hosting on our server. They are fully functional on your computer. See our FAQ Page here for more questions.