Tuesday, March 22, 2022


Thank you, Leah Connor, for managing everything for the C-VILLE-athon from 2015-2020.

LEAH CONNOR | C-VILLE-athon Streakers

I'm very proud of my volunteer work promoting the C-VILLE-athon from 2015-2020. I created logos for the finisher shirts as well as managed all registrations, checklists, website, digital marketing, and social media. Learn more about my nonprofit work at twinsrun.com and agoodgroup.com. THANK YOU!

My favorite race in the C-VILLE-athon is the Montalto Challenge. It's the only race that I've completed every year since it started! My second favorite event is the All-Comers Summer Track Meets. Not only is it the oldest running event in Charlottesville (started in 1975), it's also the cheapest! You can run two events that count in the C-VILLE-athon (The Mile and the 5K or 2 Miler) for just $2 (only $1 if you're a CTC member).

Supporting local non-profit organizations in the community is one of the main reasons I love racing. When Mark Lorenzoni approached me with the idea for the C-VILLE-athon I was excited to help promote the challenge because I knew it would help encourage runners to register for races they might never have participated in before.

I've always been obsessed with racing because it's the fun way to get in some speed work! Having a checklist to monitor my progress throughout the year has been fun and motivating. I might not be setting any PRs anymore, but I like to challenge myself to get out there and compete. In 2015, I ran 98 miles in C-VILLE-athon races, in 2016 I completed 82 miles. In 2017 I was injured and couldn't run or race for 2 months, but I still managed to log 62 miles. Phew! :) I ran 21 different events in 2018, but I still have a few races I've never entered that I need to add to my checklist in 2019. My goal is to run every race in the C-VILLE-athon at least once! I wish my identical twin sister could make it from Philly to Cville to complete the C-VILLE-athon too, but I always bring my "flat twin" with me to the races!

Obsessive running and racing data can be found on my website!

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