Monday, November 19, 2018

Spectating the Philadelphia Half Marathon & Philadelphia Marathon: YOU'LL BE DINO-SORE TOMORROW!

I had the best time cheering for the runners during the Philadelphia Half Marathon on Saturday and the Philadelphia Marathon on Sunday. Thanks for all the love!

Some comments from my Instagram post:

"Thanks for being there! We laughed about Dino-sore for a good mile!"

 "One of the best signs I've seen"


I hope to write more about my experience when my tooth stops throbbing.

Thanks to Philadelphia Magazine for including me - I'm internet famous! 😉
13 Philadelphia Marathon Signs That Prove We Have the Best Cheering Squads

If you haven't read Mark Remy's "Standing Ovation" that he wrote about spectators after the 2013 Boston Marathon, I highly recommend reading it with a box of tissues. 💙💛

Shout out to Spectator Sports for their cute shirts for spectators! 👏

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