Monday, November 12, 2012

If you're a lemon passing me, I'm Malinda

I didn't wear a lemon costume, but I wore all yellow!
* iFitness belt
* Team Sparkle Skirt
* Zensah Sleeves
* Spreadshirt Custom T-shirt
When I saw the yellow tutus made by Coach Mary...
I just had to buy one to complete my ensemble!
It was a great race to #TweetAndRun for a great cause.
I could blame it on my taper madness but,
I just couldn't keep up with the Running Lemon...
I'm glad I wore my @TwinsRun shirt.
Alex's father, "Lemonade Jay" said,
"Hey, there's one of the twins that run"
as he passed me, of course! :-)
My Nike+ data wasn't quite accurate...
Lemonade at the Finish Line!
It wasn't my fastest 5k but it was...
my 1st time to place 3rd in my division!
On Sunday, I'll #TweetAndRun the Philly Marathon!

Fighting childhood cancer, one race at a time!

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