Monday, May 6, 2013

2013 Blue Cross Broad Street Run Ten Miler: Red Socks Running

From Philly to Boston with Love
Before the runners arrive
Since I PR'd at 2012 Broad Street Run (1:29), I decided that I didn't want to run this year. After my 10 mile run on Saturday, I was ready to cheer runners on Sunday! Almost 3 weeks after the Boston Marathon, it was inspiring to see red socks running!

I was very grateful for the opportunity to spectate. In case you missed it, "Standing Ovation" by Mark Remy was a powerful tribute to spectators. Mark was able to capture all of my emotions related to the Boston Marathon tragedy.

And, thanks to Team Philly and Philadelphia Runner for a great tailgate!

The Red Socks Are Running!

The Red Socks Are Running!
Team Philly

Team Philly

Did you cheer or run Broad Street?

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Christine said...

It was amazing to see all those red socks running. It really was incredible. Thank you for including my race recap!