Saturday, October 12, 2013

Chicago Marathon Goals

Malinda's Goals

A Goal: 3:37:35 (Leah's PR +1)
B Goal: 3:39:59 (2015 BQ -5)
C Goal: 3:44:59 (2015 BQ)
D Goal: 3:50:57 (PR -10)
E Goal: 3:55:58 (Course record -10)
F Goal: 3:59:57 (PR -1)

Update 10/13: In retrospect I should have added another goal or two. ;-)

G Goal: 4:04:58 (Course Record -1)
H Goal: Finish

Fortunately, I surpassed my "G" Goal and finished in 4:04:21.

Now, it's time to read Leah's post "We Need a Medal for Dropping Out" on how to deal with a disappointing race.


Anonymous said...

4:04 not too shabby,did your back hold up?

@MalindaAnnHill said...

In retrospect, i should have had more goals! ;-)
I was grateful to finish after getting sick at mile 18.
I had to walk but finished a minute faster than last year since I ran the 1/2 half at BQ pace.