Monday, September 27, 2021

Rivanna Greenbelt Marathon & Half Marathon

Rivanna Greenbelt Marathon & Half Marathon
Leah Connor

This weekend I was thinking about everything I've done for the running community in Charlottesville. I've designed logos, medals, t-shirts, and so much more, but I am most proud of the creation of the Rivanna Greenbelt Marathon & Half Marathon.

I have long wanted to do a Barkleys Marathon style documentary about my race because there are so many amazing stories from this event. From an unexpected DQ in 2014 to my identical twin sister winning in 2016 to holding 4 events during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2015 I met Dave McGillivray, the Boston Marathon race director, and told him about the 50% BQ rate for our inaugural event.

​Back then I never imagined what the race would become and all the lives that have been touched by it. It's rather humbling especially to have such a wonderful and dedicated group of volunteers including Ryan Looney, who's helped at each event and plans to finally run it in December. Go Ryan Go!

I've set a goal of getting this "movie" project done by September 2024 which will be the 10th anniversary of the inaugural race and when the race certification expires. :)

Then I counted up the past and upcoming races and realized that December 5th will be the 10th running of the Rivanna Greenbelt Marathon (and the 3rd edition for the half). Wow!

So if you've run the race or registered for the events this fall, expect an email from me. I would love to interview you via Zoom for my documentary!

Also, we could still use some volunteers for the fall races. THANK YOU!

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