Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rock N Roll Philly Half Marathon Race Retweet

Still trying to actually write a race recap for the Rock 'n' Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon. In the meantime, in case you didn't realize that I really do #TweetAndRun, below are all my tweets & RTs in reverse chronological order ;-)

 it wasn't sending tweets and instagram in beer garden

  •  I forgot my chip! Had 2 run back! And Paula Radcliffe tweeted good luck! :-)
    Thanks Dathan & Paula for the inspiration! Dathan signed my bib & Paula tweeted! So grateful!   

      that's my biggest struggle. I always fly out if the gate and kick myself halfway through.
    16 SepMalinda Ann Hill ‏@MalindaAnnHill
    Many men hanging out in beer garden - we just met & I didn't PR & i don't drink beer but here's my race # so call me maybe? ;-)

     probably needs to be recalibrated! It can be really frustrating!!

     .... someone didn't listen to me about starting slowly ;) 

     Not too bad... still holding almost same pace from 10k to 10 miles. Keep it up! 
    Curse you Connells - all the way to Boylan heights and I want Cville burger   

     You know your time is so much better b/c they start clocking when corral 1 leaves!

    TWINS RUN in our family with Team Lemon to support Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation 

    Leaving for my race in 10 mins. Have my chip. ;) at 
     For real?! Have time to go back for it?” yessss!!!!!! 

     it's a beautiful day for a long run. Run (and live tweet) safely.

     Go! But go slowly! that first 5k split had better be the slowest of the race ;) 

    : OMG forgot my chip! ” oh, no! What can you do about it?

    What a newbie mistake ;) But you aren't a newbie! “: OMG forgot my chip! 
    Dathan signed my bib and Paula tweeted! It's got to be a good race now!   

    Thanks to  and  for being guests of this morning! We are so glad to have you both with us on Sundays!

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