Friday, May 31, 2013

Twins Run with Team Lemon

Leah & Malinda are identical twins but opposite runners. Malinda is the "go with the flow" slower 1/2 who prefers to tweet, instagram & run marathons (4:00:57). Leah is the BQ (3:35:36) x 2 "Garmin obsessed" faster 1/2 who prefers to run as many races as possible. :-)

Michael, Leah's brother-in-law, was diagnosed with leukemia as a child. Michael kept fighting cancer with his inspiring Irish spirit, so it was very bittersweet when he died on St. Patrick's Day, 2003.

The twins' grandmother, affectionately know as GG, was diagnosed with cancer on Friday, July 13, 2012 and died on Monday, July 16, 2012. 

In memory of Michael & GG, TWINS RUN together with Team Lemon to fight childhood cancer! Follow @TwinsRun as we prepare to run our 2nd Chicago Marathon together on October 13, 2013. 

No donation is too small to fight childhood cancer. Can you donate $2

Or, join our "Mother Runners & Others" Team and help Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation reach 1 million miles this September!


LightStarDusting said...

Love this post and love you girls! We are so excited for our Stand coming up this month. Can't wait to raise money for an amazing cause.

Meridith said...

Love this post! I would love to run with Team Lemon at some point - we're hosting out Stand in June and can't wait to raise money for a fantastic cause. :)

TWINS RUN in our family said...

Thanks Meridith! Best of luck with your Lemonade Stand! :-)

TWINS RUN in our family said...

Thanks LightStarDusting! So excited to hear your holding a Lemonade Stand, too! :-)