Friday, April 17, 2015

One Flat Twin Cheers and One Fast Twin Runs the 2015 Boston Marathon

Flat @MalindaAnnHill ready for Boston

@LeahCville's 2014 Finisher Photo

On Monday, @LeahCville will run her 3rd Boston Marathon.

@MalindaAnnHill watched Meb race to victory!

Sadly, @MalindaAnnHill won't be there to cheer in person again this year.

Scream Tunnel Sign for @TwinsRunInOurFamily

Thanks to the Scream Tunnel at Wellesley's Munger Hall, there will be a sign for Leah and all twins! :-)

@TwinsRunInOurFamily Logo in Boston Colors

Do twins run in your family? ICYMI - we've been fortunate to meet some of our favorite runners and one day we will run the Boston Marathon together!

 Bart Yasso & Dick Beardsley

Towering over Desi Linden ;-)

Joan Benoit Samuelson - Run Your Own Race

We're inspired by stories of twins that run together!

Seeing Double at the Boston Marathon

Identical Twins with Autism Find Joy in Running

Autistic twins bring inspiration to Boston Marathon

My Twins with Autism Run to Make a Difference

Otsego Twins Take Boston Marathon in Stride, Finish Race Together

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