Monday, April 23, 2012

Darden Cares 5K

"I hate you garmin! I would be celebrating a 5K PR
if you didn't tell me I only ran 2.98 miles. But it is a 2.98 PR - 21:30!" 
Leah Connor's post on Facebook ;-)

Omg loved that race this morning. Kinda annoyed it was only 2.98 miles but I actually practiced racing and had so much fun doing it. I think I'm finally learning how to race this shorter distance after 4 years and dozens of attempts. Early on I passed a younger woman and then she passed me, but then i passed her again on a downhill and opened up my lead on the final uphill. And along the way i passed quite a few guys as well ... All much younger than me! Whoo hoo! 21:30 which even though the course was shorter than yesterday, I ran much faster than. Of course the pace today is only slightly faster than my cherry blossom ten mile pace (7:15). I hate you Cville hills! Still it's good to run 7:13 pace for almost 3 miles the day after running 7:20 pace for 3.1 miles!

Darden Cares 5K Results
April 22, 2012

The annual Darden Cares 5K, with proceeds benefiting the UVA Children's Hospital. Hosted by the Darden Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Virginia. Sponsored by Ragged Mountain Running, Ivy Gardens, Office of Student Affairs, CrossFit Charlottesville, Charlottesville Skin & Laser, SEAL Team PT, CRS Incorporated, and MSC Property Management

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