Monday, March 18, 2013

Racing to the 2013 Boston Marathon

So I've been reviewing my races so far this year and trying not have a panic attack about how I might perform at the Boston Marathon.

I've been much slower and that's concerning.

Here's a breakdown (2013 vs 2012):

New Year's Day 5K

23:10 vs 23:09

(OK, this one was close.)

Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge (1/2 Marathon on Saturday & Marathon on Sunday)

(5:50:05) 1:48:17 & 4:01:49 vs (5:46:29) 1:50:22 & 3:56:07

(It was HOT this year so that probably didn't help. And, I probably ran the half too fast. Oh well!)

Princess Half Marathon

1:44:09 vs 1:40:05

(Once again, it was MUCH hotter this year than last year, so that could be part of it. The good news, Malinda and I finished 1st in sister / sister team category!)

Martha Jefferson 8K

37:58 vs 37:08

(Can't really explain this away with weather because it was nice and cool. At least I came in 2nd in AG, was 4th last year. And there was no one near me at the end. Last year I was passed by two women within feet of the finish line, ouch!)

Ten Miler (2013 Charlottesville / 2012 Cherry Blossom)

1:18:14 vs 1:12:26

(The Cville course is notoriously hilly instead of flat like Cherry Blossom so I can't really compare those two races, can I? I just wanted to run my 3rd fastest 10-mile race and I did that by nearly a minute. And, at least I came in 3rd in my AG!)

So what's my problem?!?

Last year was AMAZING and I can't really hope to have success like that consistently.

I just wonder if I should continue to panic or CHILL OUT... if there's a reason for this that I can fix or if it's just a phase?

Is it because I weigh a little more than I did last year at this time (could 5-7 lbs, could that make that a huge difference?!?) or have I been holding myself back in these races because I know the big prize - BOSTON - is just mere months or weeks away?

I definitely knew that I wasn't trying for a PR in any of these races, because it was a race for "fun" and training or because of the forecast or because within the first mile when I just wasn't feeling it. So instead, when appropriate, I did my best to run as close to my ideal marathon pace (7:55 - 8:00) and run comfortably hard rather than push it and constantly check my watch.

Some people might say I race too much, but I've actually raced LESS so far this year.

In the 5 weeks between my Princess Half Marathon PR and Cherry Blossom 10 Miler PR last year, I also ran a 4 miler, 8K, 1 mile, and 5K in between. And I PRd in those distances, too!

This year, I had 3 weeks between the Princess Half Marathon and the Charlottesville10 Miler and I only raced the Martha Jefferson 8K in between.

Oh well, at least I'm having fun while I'm running.
All the anxiety doesn't set in until I'm resting. :)

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