Friday, September 7, 2012

Can twins RUN IN Dunkin'?

Written by Leah Connor
Edited by Malinda Ann Hill ;-)

Is you Dunkin' Cup...
Half full?
Half empty?

Don't be 1/2 of anything...
Except 1/2 of TWINS RUN!

Leah is faster twin (that's me!)
(BQ = Boston Qualifier)

Malinda is slower twin.
(Go with the flow slow)

We are Marathon Moms!
(Leah has 2 & Malinda has 1)

We are Masters' Moms!
(We're 41)
Masters' Moms team placed 3rd at Cville's Women's 4 Miler
We love to run in costume!
 (Usually princesses, not beverages)
Twincess Runners at runDisney's Princess Half Marathon

Our cups runneth over in caffeine or decaf!

We're ridiculously photogenic in race photos!

We guarantee to get everyone's attention!

"Woo hoo! I just passed a cup of coffee!"

"Wait, didn't I just see a coffee cup pass me?"

"I thought a cup passed me 1/2 an hour ago!"

"Donut tell me, a donut just passed me"

"WTC*?!?, A cup just passed me!" 
*What the Cup

I could be caffeinated.
My twin could be decaf.

I could be a latte.
My twin could be a Dunkaccino®.

I could be a cup of caffeinated heaven.
My twin could be an irresistable donut.

We're the perfect pair!

OK, to be perfectly honest, I also want to wear a costume & still finish under 4 hours, passing runners (including my Physical Therapist!) whilst tweeting and facebooking along the way!

The Marine Corps Marathon holds a special place in both my heart and my twin's because it was the first marathon for each of us (2007 for me and 1995 for her).

I ran the MCM 3 times, but despite finally qualifying for the Boston Marathon this year (3:38:04), my best MCM time is 4:28:30. Eeek! I know I can improve on that, especially if I'm sporting the DD costume!

See how happy a cup of DD makes me?!

See how scary we look when we run without DD?!

Before the Danger! Zombies! 5K Run! in Charlottesville

See how Dunkin runs (or doesn't) without us?!
Run for Autism 5K

Seriously, you couldn't ask for better PRs!
Public Relations & Personal Records
How about this PR campaign?

at Marine Corps Marathon for PRs

Who will win?

Regular or Decaf?
Hot or Iced?
Dunkaccino® or Latte?
Donut or Coffee?


We'll create excitement leading up to race day!
We'll build a larger following on social media!
We'll have fun with friendly twin competition!

What do you think?

Please COMMENT by 9/10!

We'll share your support with judges!

As always, thanks for your support!


Anonymous said...

I couldn't think of a better Dunkin' duo! :D

TWINS RUN in our family said...

Thanks Krissy! :-)

Leigh Rosica said...

I agree with Krissy!! you guys would totally rock this!! Can we vote somewhere!

TWINS RUN in our family said...

Thank you for your vote of confidence! :-)

All entries for contest must be received by Mon, Sept 10.

We're trying to gather support from our "fans" to share with the judges! ;-)

Thanks again for your support - we greatly appreciate it!

Unknown said...

I hope you get it! I know you will be passing me by! LOL Hope to see you at the race.

TWINS RUN in our family said...

Thanks so much for your support Renee! We wish you the best of luck at the MCM! Maybe we'll see you there?